Core Courses


This is an incredibly safe place to wrestle with one’s questions and curiosities about the Christian faith. Why did Jesus have to die?  Does God actually answer prayer? Does God still heal today?  We share a meal together so as to share life with one another.  We then authentically discuss statements presented in this DVD study.  The highlight is a weekend retreat.  More information online by clicking HERE.



Whether you are discovering Jesus or have been a life-long member, this is a very practical class.  How do you pray?  How do I know if the Bible is reliable?  How can I be a wise steward of my finances?  Why should I enjoy weekly Sabbath?



God has uniquely created and shaped each one of us.  This course helps us to identify our spiritual gifts, personality, passions, and type.  This is a great course to discover your purpose in this world and your unique role in following God’s will for your life.



As we have wrestled with questions of the faith, discovered how to live faithfully, and then realized our created potential, we are now in a position to unlock the mission God has in mind for each of us.  This course will help you discover non-threatening ways to share your faith through your everyday lifestyle and circumstances.