Campus Missionaries

Our youth ministry (6th-12th grades) at Faith Community Church is not your typical youth group.  While we have fun like the rest of them, we have an enduring commitment to relevant and inspiring worship (led by our student praise team, EntirelYours).  Whereas many youth groups focus on a missions trip, we view ourselves as campus missionaries.  Every day is an opportunity to live faithfully among our friends, family, and classmates.

Students reaching students is what our youth ministry is all about. Empowering students to become campus missionaries helps each of them to accept personal responsibility to reach the lost of their generation. Campus missions is our a priority as we intentionally gather with other youth from other churches on our school campuses. 

A Campus Missionary commits to:

  • PRAY daily for friends, teachers, school administrators, and others who need Jesus’ hope;
  • LIVE a real, consistent Christian faith by reading, studying, and memorizing God’s Word and spending time in personal worship;
  • TELL her/his friends about Jesus;
  • SERVE in or begin an active campus club;
  • GIVE time and finances to promote Jesus’ hope globally.